Zerona laser treatment uses low levels of light to break down and reduce fat to promote overall slimming. The treatment was first developed to be used alongside liposuction to speed up recovery time. Now it’s offered as a less invasive alternative to lipo, though providers may still choose to use the two procedures together.
It’s considered a cold-laser treatment because the light intensity isn’t high enough to heat your body’s tissues. Unlike cryolipolysis treatments, like CoolSculpting, which actually use cold temperatures to freeze away fat, Zerona works by passing laser energy through the tissues to damage fat cells, which the fat seeps out of and is then excreted by the body.


Zerona is not a weight-loss solution. It’s intended to reduce stubborn areas of fat that don’t budge with diet and exercise, as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. For best results, your provider will recommend that you also:

“According to Zerona, after six treatments and two weeks, the majority of patients will realize between three and nine inches of generalized slimming. We tried it on six members of our office staff—including myself and one of our patients who is a professional blogger—and there were no significant changes, despite following all directions faithfully. We have stopped offering this treatment and have returned our machine.”

“Some doctors have seen variable results—with some patients losing significant amounts and others losing not as much.”

“This appears both patient and provider dependent.”



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Our services are very customizable to duration of time one might allocate for slimming.

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Furthermore, if your time allows we give you longer term plans so you will get in best of shape!

However we offer all round high tech machines to non invasive fat reduction treatments.



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