Laser Therapy
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Free consultation! Laser therapy is emerging out to be an effective and budget-friendly treatment intervention for pain management because it is a non-invasive, speedy, and painless method of pain relief.

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How it works

This series of actions is characterized by the wavelength and energy of the laser energy used for the pain relief at the targetsite. Wavelength and laser power define a laser's ability to penetrate the human body. When it enters the infrared spectrum and the wavelength exceeds 800 nm, laser energy is usually penetrated in the body tissues like X-rays, but it requires a certain amount of energy to reach the desired depth into a tissue.

Laser Therapy
  • Improve knee pain

  • Improve lower back discomfort

  • Improve dislocations

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Laser Therapy
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What is laser therapy?

According to Journal of lasers in medical sciences, the concept of laser therapy for pain management is based on the use of laser light energy to reduce pain and inflammation by accelerating the healing of damaged tissues, relaxing muscles, and stimulating regeneration of the nerve.

What is treated?

Laser therapy is used to treat pain and inflammation related to the following medical conditions: 1. Tendonitis 2. Pain in the neck and shoulders 3. Lumbar back pain 4. Knee pain 5. Dislocations 6. Elbow pain 7. Headaches 8. Hip pain 9. Inflammation 10. Joint pain 11. Neurogenic pain 12. Sciatica 13. Sprains and strains 14. Pain in the ankles. 15. Plantar fasciitis 16. Bursitis 17. Trigger points 18. Upper back pain 19. Wrist pain 20. Post-surgical pain

What painful areas can be treated?

High-powered laser therapy is most commonly used in physical therapy and chiropractic clinics to relieve pain in the neck, back, or joints as pain in these areas is often treated quickly with lasers. The laser is also effective in reducing pain inthe inflamed areas especially in peripheral neuropathy, capsulitis, tendonitis,sprains, stress, bursitis and repetitive sports injuries. Although there is no specific area that responds faster to lasers, a response to laser therapy varies from patient to patient as everyone has different medical conditions.

What lasers are used?

Two types of laser power can be used in physical therapy, which are named Class 3 and Level 4power. The power of a Class 3 laser is less than 500 milliwatts (mW), whereas the power of a Class 4 laser is greater than 500 mW. Class 3 laser is called cold laser as it is used for low-intensity laser therapy and Class 4 laser therapy is referred to as high power laser therapy that is a more effective laser therapy for pain management.

How do the sessions with Premium Clinic work?

The laser is painless and fast, and each session of this therapy takes not more than 5-10 minutes,after which a patient can feel the immediate effects, but it can differ from patient to patient. However, the maximum time to feel its effects is 18-24hours after the treatment whereas long-term effects of laser therapy can be observed after three to five sessions of treatment. Most commonly, Patientsfeel relief in pain after one or two treatment sessions, however, five or more sessions may be needed to relieve the chronic pains and prolonged diseases. The More chronic and prolonged the injury is, the more laser therapy sessions will be needed.

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