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Free consultation! Premium Laser Clinic offers custom-made foot orthotics.

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At Premium Clinic, our foot specialist provides conservative and invasive treatment for a variety of common foot and ankle ailments for patients.

Custom Orthotic
  • Improve foot pain

  • Improve lower back discomfort

  • Footwear care

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Custom Orthotic
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What is Custom Orthotic?

When a foundation is unstable, the elements above it are affected. Your feet are no exception. Any imbalances with the supporting structures of your feet can result in excessive foot motion, which inhibits and alters proper foot function. This can result in a rotation of the legs, which may affect your ankles, knees, hips and back. Premium Clinic’s custom foot orthotic devices (orthoses) are designed to control one’s foot biomechanics to a precise degree throughout all phases of gait, altering the effects throughout the entire body.

Who needs it?

If you are experiencing foot, shin, knee, hip or low back discomfort that does not resolve or becomes chronic, the origins may be biomechanical in nature. This is where an orthotic device may be helpful. Since orthotic devices can work in a preventative fashion, they can be appropriate in cases where future problems are likely. For example, if the foot rolls in or flattens excessively, the lower extremities become predisposed to additional stress, leading to possible pain and limited function. Similar problems may occur with a high arched foot. High arched feet while standing are typically imbalanced and provide very poor shock absorption. Orthotics can ultimately improve weight distribution and comfort. Keep in mind, regardless of foot type, as we walk, run or play sports, our body weight lands on our feet up to 4,000 times a day.

What are the special designs offered at Premium Clinic?

With few exceptions, custom orthotics can be made for all types of footwear. At Premium Clinic, we specialize in sport specific orthotics and skate orthotics. Patients will be assessed to determine what style or material is going to serve their needs best. Sport orthotics will be individually designed and specific training shoes will be recommended. Skate orthotics are low profile in design with a unique negative heel raise. This results in enhanced balance, powerful performance and a perfect fit.

How are devices fabricated?

Custom made foot orthoses are made from a traditional three-dimensional cast molding or a start-of-the art laser scanner (C.A.D. System) of one’s feet. These techniques have proven to be the gold standard and the most biomechanically accurate methods. From a positive plaster/composite mold, orthotic devices are fabricated using vacuum forming methods. Based on the individual’s body weight, foot type, footwear and activities, the latest materials are selected for the thermal molding process. The finished product is ultimately individualized by material design and customization. The orthotics come with a full lab warranty against breakage and comfort.

How can I buy orthotics?

Today’s technologies allow producers to manufacture “pre-fabricated orthotics” and sell them as custom made. Patients who seek orthotic therapy should be wary of direct-selling programs or weight bearing computerized systems to order orthotics. Two-dimensional measurements do not equate to accurate three-dimensional devices. Be sure you are working with a professional Premium Clinic foot specialist who has specific training in biomechanical assessment and custom orthotic design.

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