CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing Toronto
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A Carbon Dioxide-based laser that has been on the aesthetics market for decades.

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How CO2 Laser Treatment Helps?

Our CO2 laser treatment helps your skin rejuvenate by using a targeted beam of light to remove the thin layers of the skin with a precision that causes no damage. This treatment paves way for a younger looking healthy skin using the stimulation of new skin cells. The process basically works due to the production of collagen which serves to be the most important part of our skin. Its growth is stimulated when the skin is superficially targeted with laser pulses and the skin begins to heal.

CO2 Fractional Laser Process

In the process of CO2 laser resurfacing treatment in Toronto, one may expect to have the skin prepped and cleaned. A local numbing cream is applied for pain relief if required. The specialists may then begin to move the laser wand over the required area of the skin. This could feel a bit prickly but that will also be catered to by the use of ice packs. You might be asked to avoid tanning, exposure to direct sunlight or chemical application on the skin.

How it works

Premium Clinic's CO2 laser procedure removes deeper damaged skin layers while stimulating the healthy skin underneath through regenerating this layer. Obvious wrinkles and lines are eliminated or reduced through the skin resurfacing treatment more than other procedures do.

CO2 Fractional Laser
  • Safe for almost all skin types

  • Ability to treat fine lines on the skin

  • Permanent results

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CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing Toronto
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What is CO2 Fractional Laser?

This advanced laser technology reveals the skin underneath the surface which is smoother, softer, and so much younger looking. CO2 Fractional Laser is the most effective, non-invasive method of treating scars, acne scars, stretch marks, superficial hyperpigmentation, and fine lines with minimal downtime.

Is it the right treatment for me?

Anyone who experiences any significant facial lines and wrinkling is the best candidates for the CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment. The skin becomes prone to the drastic aging effects of the sun, gravity, and the specific movements of the face, making an individual look older than their age. The corrective procedure is also ideal for someone with uneven skin pigmentation or facial scars.

What are the benefits of CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment?

The significant reduction of lines and wrinkles on the face is one of the top benefits of precisely getting rid of layers and layers of damaged skin. The treatment “turns back the clock”, changing the complexion, and showing off a much younger underlying skin.

Is it safe?

The carbon dioxide (CO2) Fractional Laser treatment is a safe procedure as long as a skilled and licensed dermatologist or cosmetics surgeon carries out the process. The damaged skin is removed layer by layer in order to get a younger and rejuvenated appearance. There are minimal to no side effects and minor complications would eventually disappear on their own.

Facts about CO2 Fractional Laser

CO2 Fractional Laser refers to 2 different laser skin resurfacing treatment types namely ablative and non-ablative, also considered treatment breakthroughs in the anti-aging niche. The treatments are both highly effective with age-defying results, correcting mild to severe imperfections and problems of the skin from dark spots to pronounced lines and deep wrinkles. Ablative and non-ablative treatments offer dramatic results with the use of the most advanced applications and technologies.

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