Children's Feet & Posture
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Free consultation! Foot and posture screening is of utmost importance to prevent permanent postural and foot problems in children.

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How it works

Our treatment of your child’s feet may include a combination of foot orthotics, padding/strapping, foot mobilisation, corrective exercises, gait retraining and postural correction.

Children's Feet & Posture
  • Children are not little adults, and their feet may need special attention as they develop. Growing pains, tired legs and funny running styles are often signs of poor foot and leg development.

  • For children to grow into healthy adults with normal functioning feet and legs, it’s necessary developmental milestones are reached in order, and on time to correct these problems at the right age and stage of life.

  • For example: banana feet in toddlers should straighten by two years of age; pigeon toe and tippy toe walking should correct by three; flatfeet by eight and torsional changes of femur and tibia completed by age 10.

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Children's Feet & Posture
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Premium Clinic’s assessment

Children’s feet are not smaller adult’s feet; they are still growing and developing and are therefore more vulnerable to undesirable forces. The podiatrists at Premium Laser Clinic will thoroughly assess your child’s foot to identify risk factors and advise you on the best course of action. During the consultation a thorough developmental history will be taken and we request that you bring with you to the appointment information regarding your child's birth, developmental history, physical milestones, footwear and your concerns.

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