Steps in a Clinic

  1. Submission of Application

    Interested parties (Canadian or international) complete an application and forward it to Dr. Slim and skin care.
  2. Review of Application

    Dr. Slim and skin care reviews the application, determines suitability and next steps
  3. Meeting with Team Member

    If the Franchisee appears to be a suitable candidate, an online meeting is arranged with a member of the Dr. Slim and skin care team.
  4. Non-Disclosure Agreement

    If the application is approved, the interested party signs a non-disclosure agreement and is given a franchise agreement, and a Franchise Disclosure Document for their review.
  5. Cooling Period

    There is a 14-day cooling off period before executing any agreements, this is to protect the franchisee and ensure proper consideration and evaluation is completed before committing to the franchise.

    • For foreign applicant, we will apply for work permit and visa.

    • For unprofessional applicant, we will setup a training course in accredited college.

  6. Deposit Paid

    The franchise agreement is signed, and the franchise fee is deposited with Dr. Slim and skin care.
  7. Financing Secured

    The franchisee begins to secure financing.
  8. Selection of Location

    Potential locations are submitted by the Franchiser and once a location is chosen the franchisee will negotiate a lease
  9. Training

    Training is scheduled.
  10. Opening Day

Online Form for applicant