Massage Effects on Body Contouring

  Lipomassgae or endermologie is an invasive and natural method to shape body and body contouring. It is 100% natural and directly affects the targeted cells, the connective tissue of the body, and the face, including skin, muscles, lymphatic, and blood circulation. It is the method that provides for a massage that helps in the deterioration of the fat molecules.
Dr slim is providing this technique is purely natural without any radiation or chemicals that will be toxic for the body. Many people use diet plans and perform different exercises, but the lipo massage shows the perfect result of removing fat.
Cellulite treatment is not so successful, and the results are not so long-lasting. Hence LPG endermologie is another method with long-lasting effects on the body. This will helps you in a lot of ways.

LPG endermologie

Rollers are used in this therapy to massage the body parts. There is not a direct contact of rollers with the body; the person should be dressed accordingly. When rollers move, it mobilizes and stretches the skin and tightens it.
This treatment works on fats cells and stimulates the fat that helps the body by following

1. Reduce cellulite.

If you have a part of the body or whole body resistant to the diet and weight loss, then lipo massage helps you reduce this fat. The resulting product is called cellulite that is toxic for the body. To remove these resulting products from the body, you should drink a lot of water. Thus, LPG endermologie results in the body’s shape by removing cellulite. Not only is cellulite removed, but it also eliminates the pain and muscle cramps. Endermologie increases the fluid movement that helps increase bloating and water retention, which in turn reduces cellulite. You will drink eight glasses of water before this therapy, and this intake should remain the same after the treatment at special centers. Your body image will be so beautiful and attractive.

2. Firm and smooth the skin.

This will turn your skin soft by acting on a layer between the dermis and the hypodermis. LPG endermologie increases microcirculation. Hence microcirculation improves the fluid exchange between tissue and capillary membrane, increasing lymphatic and blood circulation. As a result, it will increase the oxygen and nutrients delivery to the cells and detoxification. Lipomassage by improving lymphatic circulation reduces the puffiness of the body and elevates the fluid drainage from the body. After the first session, you will notice the difference, smiling becomes easy, and muscles are lifted. This therapy contours the body into an attractive shape. It acts as an anti-aging medicine and has long-lasting effects on the body. Weight loss is the plus point of therapy.

3. Loose fat faster.

When you consume food containing lots of fats, then excess fat will deposit in your body. So, the LPG endermologie helps to lose fat more quickly. Around six inches of fat can be loose per treatment. A clear result will be seen after three treatments. Mechanical rollers reactivate the fat release; then it breaks the fats into smaller parts. The released fat is used as the energy source for muscles. Most importantly this treatment is not painful; after few minutes, you will sense the cellular awakening and blood circulation. So this will helps you to get rid of stubborn fat and dimpling. It will lose weight.

4. Releases muscle soreness.

This treatment will help you reduce the orange peel effect and remove excess fat from the upper and lower parts. Because Lipomassgae activates collagen and elastin production that re-densifies the skin. Internal scar tissue traps fluid in them and is a place of fat deposit. This treatment helps in reducing inner scar tissue. LPG therapy helps in fading stretch marks and scars and releases muscle soreness. If a woman or any person wants a targeted tissue fat removal, then endermologie will helps in the reduction of the deposited fats under the skin.

5. You can have simmer skin.

By this treatment, the patient can quickly lose fat around the buttocks. It flattens the thigh and tightens the skin, lifts the buttock, leaves your skin beautiful, and relaxes with the increases in age, the production of collagen decreases, which results in loose skin. So, this therapy stimulates fibroblasts. As a result, it reactivates the elastin and the collagen result in a slim and firmer body and reduce the sign of aging. By reducing cellular grade, the circumference of the body decreases. It makes the body beautiful and healthy. Cheekbones appear higher, and thighs are lifted.

Eyes become refreshing, and brightness emits from the body. Tone the muscles, ease muscular tension, and improves the blood flow, which helps better sleeping. Therefore, it increases skin elasticity and makes it smooth.
You can see the result in the first treatment, but the real work will take about 16 to 18 treatments of 35 minutes massage. If you have areas of different fat deposits. Don’t worry, you will go to the Dr slim clinic and ask them for treatment. You will see results in few treatments. Results will depend upon various factors, such as
1. Age
2. Diet
3. Lifestyle
4. Physical activities
If all or some of the above points are you consciously, you will immediately see the results. This therapy will bring self-confidence to your life.

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