Effective Non-Invasive Slimming

Dr. Slim Offers Effective Non-Invasive Body Slimming Treatments To Help People Emerge From Quarantin

When the pandemic struck earlier this year, gyms shut their doors and people stopped socializing with friends and co-workers in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. One of the unfortunate results of this quarantining was that people stopped exercising and started gaining weight and becoming unhealthy. Now that people are starting to go back to work and school, they want to look and feel their best again. Dr. Slim at Markville Clinic offers effective non-invasive procedures that help people lose weight, tone their bodies and look their best.


All of the Dr. Slim body contouring and weight loss treatments are non-invasive and conservative to ensure safety. Because each patient is assessed and treated based on their individual needs, the team at Dr. Slim will use a holistic combination of the following techniques to get maximum results:

• Zerona Laser Treatment

• Radio Frequency Therapy

• Ultrasound Cavitation

• LPG Fat Massage

• Shockwave Therapy

• Emslim Electromagnetic Procedure

• Zeltiq Freezing Process

• TruSculpt Body Contouring


“One problem that patients find at other clinics is that their concerns are treated in silos, and their overall appearance and wellbeing as a whole are overlooked. That’s why the scope of our Dr. Slim treatments are both biopsychosocial and spiritual. We consider the biological makeup of the patient, the psychological state of the patient, the social circle of the patient and the overall wellbeing of the patient. This uniquely holistic approach allows us to make sure our patients are completely prepared for their treatments leading to positive outcomes for them physically and mentally. The result is that their confidence gets a significant boost when they are totally satisfied with their outward appearance.”


This thorough assessment of the patient’s health and history is the first step taken by the Dr. Slim team. The second step is the body composition analysis which will evaluate the musculoskeletal composition of the patient, giving a clear picture of the most important areas to target with treatment. Then the company’s registered medical aesthetician will examine the patient and plan a 4-week treatment course tailored specifically to them. At the end of the treatment plan, the team will assess the patient again to ensure that the treatments were successful, and that the patient is confident with their new body image.


The registered medical aesthetician is just one of the experienced experts comprising the Dr. Slim team. The group of specialists also includes a dietitian who focuses on the nutritional aspects of the treatment plan. A psychotherapist ensures the patient is content and in full understanding of the treatment plan before it begins and as it progresses. In addition, a naturopathic doctor, homeopathic doctor and an osteopathic doctor are part of the well-rounded team making sure the patient is getting all the treatments they need to look and feel great.


For those interested in a free assessment for effective and non-invasive ways to tone their bodies and look their best, they can visit the Dr. Slim website at www.drslim.ca.

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