Body Slimming

The demand for bringing body to shape is all out there with anyone and is constantly getting stronger with communities. It is booming!
Non-invasive procedures to eliminate fat are becoming more and more popular.
Our services are designed to delivering consistent, superior performance and reducing downtime to minimum!
First we use technology to kill fat cells, then we shape your body that you desires.

Why Shaping Your Body?

Body Parts for Slimming
Bra Fat
Double Chin
Upper Arms

Conservative vs. Invasive Treatment

Our services are majority designed to be non-invasive.
The essential difference between invasive and non-invasive procedures is that invasive plans are done by cutting or entering a body part using medical instruments, whereas non-invasive tests do not require breaking the skin or entering the body.


Generally you might expect faster responses the time you are using invasive procedures, which at the same token you might get some serious side effects.

Traditional surgery is Fast but with pain and dangerous!


Traditional surgery is Fast but with pain and dangerous!Non-Invasive methods normally are less painful and have slower or milder results but they contribute to less adverse outcomes and almost not painful.

New treatment is slow but painless, no side effects, and of course not dangerous!

Steps for Body Slimming:

Step 1
Screening on the website

Step 2
Aesthetician consulting

  • -Consent forms
  • -Patient Info file

Step 3


  • -Body composition
  • -BMI
  • -Measurements

Step 4
Treatment plans

  • -1 Session
  • -Multi Session
  • -Referral for invasive procedures

Step 5
Follow up

Areas of Services


Technical procedures

• TruSculpt
• EMSlim
• CoolSculpt
• Zerona
• Ultrashape
• LPG Lipomassage
• Cavitation
• Tecar
• Shockwave
• Liposonix

Training and Consulting

Training and Consulting
We will provide free Advice on:

• Diet program
• Exercises (Exercises plans include free membership of Good life)
• Behavior therapy
• Accompany for 12 weeks


• Home Based devices
• Patches
• Topical creams
• Wearables