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Weight Loss


Are you planning to lose some weight !?

To choose the right plan, ask yourself important questions about how much effort you can put, how much time you have to plan and prepare healthy meals, and how much support you have from friends and family. You might also want to think about why previous procedures didn't work. The answers to these questions will help you find the right techniques that will meet your needs.

Less input and more output


Why Dr. Slim?

Non Invasive - Fast - Safe - Affordable - Evidence based

  • Giving an appearance of slimness to a person sometimes is not an easy job.

  • Dr. Slim brings together best practice high end techniques to help you with body shaping.

  • It is located in a well designed complex in Markville Mall in heart of Markham.

  • We have all everything for shaping together:

    • TruSculpt​

    • EMSlim

    • CoolSculpt

    • Zerona

    • HIFU

    • Ultrashape

    • LPG Lipomassage

    • Cavitation

    • etc.​

Hence the audience for these types of services are almost everywhere. We also have prepared ourselves for mobile and remote services.

Our services are very customizable to duration of time one might allocate for slimming.

We could do even one session 15 min services to bring you to some extent of shape in less than 4-12 weeks. Moreover, free diet and exercise plans are available.

Furthermore, if your time allows we give you longer term plans so you will get in best of shape!


Areas of Services


• Body Mass Index (BMI)

• Waist circumference

• Waist-to-hip ratio

• Skinfold thicknesses

• Bioelectrical impedance

• Body composition

• Ultrasound for diagnosis the fat type 
   and thickness

• 3D body scan


Technical Procedures

• TruSculpt
• EMSculpt
• CoolSculpt
• Zerona
• Ultrashape
• LPG Lipomassage
• Cavitation
• Tecar
• Shockwave
• Liposonix

Training and Consulting

We will provide free Advice on:
• Diet program
• Exercises (Exercises plans include free membership of Good life)
• Behavior therapy
• Accompany for 12 weeks


• Supplements
• Home Based devices
• Patches
• Topical creams
• Wearables


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