Body contouring or weight loss

Maintaining body weight and body contouring is a dream of everyone. We starve even knowing that starvation is harmful; we decrease our food quantity and join a gym to lose weight. Instead of losing weight, we attain weakness. There are many ways to do it, but Dr. Slim provides the best method to contour your body and lose weight. This is drinking a lot of water or, in other words, super hydration.

Super hydration

Super hydration means drinking a lot of water even if you do not need water. Because our thirst mechanism is only active when we are mildly thirsty, so drinking a lot of water will make another mechanism that will help you a lot in body contouring and weight loss. Dr. Slim will love to educate you about the importance of water consumption for both. We forget to take care of ourselves in busy days of life, but here is an effective method to perfect body shape.

Give our body perfect nutrition by healthy food or vitamins, but we forget about the role of water. We always listen that drink at least eight glasses of water or 2 liters of water but how necessary is that we not know. Our blood is made up of 90% of water, and even our muscles and brain have more than half the amount of water in them.

Water, weight loss, and body contouring

These two things go hand in hand. Some people think that drinking a lot of water will gain weight, and their exercise and gym will not be looking effective. Drinking a lot of water will start retaining in the body. But the reality is that water retention increases when you are consuming less amount of water. So, to prevent excess weight, drink a lot of water to help regulate metabolism. Instead of avoiding water, drink a lot of water to make your body nourish and hydrated.

Water is so essential for your body’s functions. A lot of toxins that are not suitable for the body are removed. Metabolites that are harmful to the skin and may appear as pimples are also removed by drinking a lot of water. The liver does fat burning, but to remove fat, we need a high amount of water. So for perfect body shape and weight loss, drink a lot of water, so the fat is easily pulled out of the body.

Sometimes we think that only drinking fluid is necessary, so we take coffee or soft drink, but this is not effective. Because coffee and soft drinks are diuretics, they remove body fluids out instead of adding liquids to our body. So instead of only wetting your mouth, keep hydrating your body by drinking water. Sometimes you mistook it for hunger, but you look for a snack and soft drink instead of drinking water.

Zero calories

Water has zero calories in it, while other snacks and fast food items had many calories. Take a large glass of zero-calorie water instead of a 300, 400 calorie soft drink or coffee. So it will also help in weight loss. So we should pay attention to water intake and provides enough water to our bodies. In summer, there is much heat, so our thirst mechanism is activated efficiently, but it isn’t easy to stay hydrated in winter. So please pay attention to it.

To burn more fat, drink cold water. It has no calories in it, so drinking cold water will activate the body metabolism, which heats the water exactly up to body temperature. So by drinking only 2 liters of cold water per day, you burn 740 calories of fat to heat it. Multiply the liters up to 4; then, you are burning 1450 calories.

Make a habit of keeping water on your study table or your office table. When you start drinking a heavy amount of water, you are peeing at a higher rate, but you will notice that the peeing rate decreases when you make a habit of it within a week. Hence your body starts retention of eater. Drink your water quantity before 7 pm so that you have no interruptions in your night sleep.


Other Benefits of Drinking Water:

  1. Aids in Digestion & Improves Gut Health. Water increases the digestion of fat and helps in the digestion of other food items. It improves the health of the intestines and whole gastrointestinal tracts.
  2. Improves Skin Health & Vitality. Water increases the removal of toxins that harm the skin. So, increase the uptake of water to increase skin hydration. Hence skin breakage decreases.
  3. Assists in Flushing Out Toxins. Toxins resulting from metabolism will be dangerous for our body if it is not removed out of the body. Water helps in the removal of toxins.
  4. Helps the Body Absorb Vitamins and Minerals. Vitamins also require water to get absorbed. Water-soluble vitamins including vitamin B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, vitamin C are all water-soluble vitamins. So they absorb into the body only when water is available.
  5. Helps Regulate Body Temperature. Heat activates sweat glands which brings salt and water to the surface of the body. When water evaporates, the temperature of the body falls to keep it healthy.
  6. Energizes & Improves Muscle Performance
  7. Improves Circulation & Oxygenation of the Body
  8. Ensures Cells & Organs Function Correctly
  9. Help to Boost the Metabolism. By boosting metabolism, fat burning increases.

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