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All about us

We could do from a one shot shaping and contouring service up to long time behavioral and diet modification plans.

All depends how long will you work with us towards getting in shape!

Sit around the house in COVID-19 time. Eat your favorite food! You will get out of shape!

Leave it to us! :)

Our services are designed to let you see results in 4-12 weeks.




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Body Slimming

Weight Loss

Skin Care


Why Dr. Slim?

You have unique potentials to get in shape!

You in Toronto will never worry! We will help you overcome obstacles on your path to beauty!

Say goodbye to fat!

We are looking at your body’s shaping as a unique integrity of best potentials to get in shape!

Cannot pick out clothes to go out!

We do our best to bring you to best of shape and perfection!

This is our slogan! Fit and shape to perfection!

Dr. Slim’s has wide variety of fat-dissolving and muscle-building technologies in hand!

We have a 5-step approach:

1) Skin tightening and rejuvenation

2) Slimming, Fat reduction

3) Laser hair removal

4) Body posture

5) Muscular strengthening

Dr. Slim looked at this problem specially during the corona situation!

We have online and remote services for those patients who are not willing to physically come over to clinic.

We have all round most trustworthy, machinery and services to bring you to best of shape. Many clinics are just trying to sell you services that they can sell you based on machinery they have in their clinics.

That is why we are not looking to sell you our machines services as we have all everything in one place.

Our services are combined into packages with will benefit your best! With surprising, discounted prices!

The best choice for body management and beauty! Decrease first and then gain muscle!

And finally create the beauty of lines!

Dr. Slim will take care after them for you!

Book your free consultation and assessment today!


Contact Us

Markville Clinic:

5000 Hwy 7 #2207, Markham, ON L3R 4M9, Canada

Email: Info@markvilleclinic.ca

Tel: (905)-604-2660

Centerpoint Clinic:

6464 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M2M 3X4, Canada

Email: Centerpoint@drfoot.ca

Tel: (647)-350-5077


More About Us

Our services can be customized on how long are you willing to keep us with yourself in the journey!

Advanced state of art technologies in body shaping services!

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